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Member Since: 2023
Primary Contact: Mr. Jim Ammons
City, State: Irvine, CA
Phone: (828)808-6707

Ray Murray, Inc.

Member Since: 2021
Primary Contact: Michael R. Hopsicker
City, State: Lee, MA
Phone: (413)243-9452
Products & Services: Gas Supplies, Line Pressure Regulators for Indoor and Outdoor Installation, Piping
Member Since: 2007
Primary Contact: Marnie Caldwell
City, State: Erie, PA
Phone: (800)666-3691
Products & Services: Piping, Tools/Accessories
Member Since: 2019
Primary Contact: Carolyn Greene
City, State: Verona, WI
Phone: (608)556-3660
Products & Services: Cameras, Thermostats and Humidifiers
Member Since: 2006
Primary Contact: Tom McConahay
City, State: Roswell, GA
Phone: (813)455-9069
Products & Services: Water Heaters

QSC Industry Partner
Member Since: 2009
Primary Contact: Becky Brotherton
City, State: Elyria, OH
Phone: (440)329-4672
Products & Services: Repair Tools
Member Since: 2021
Primary Contact: Steffney Loganbill
City, State: Branson, MO
Phone: (866)611-7829
Products & Services: 24 Hour Virtual Receptionist