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How to Succeed in the Male Dominated Built Industry: The Advantages of Workforce Diversity

February 19, 2020
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Title: How to Succeed in the Male Dominated Built Industry: The Advantages of Workforce Diversity


In 2018, there were almost 76 million women in the US labor force, representing 46.9% of the total workforce.  In the same year, 80% of contractors across the country reported trouble hiring skilled workers.  Women represent only 9.9% of the workforce in construction industry based jobs including P-H-C but only 3.4% of employees in the field.  What will it take for women to represent a larger percentage of work in the industry and what effects can this have on construction’s workforce shortage?  Join us for a discussion with women and allies who are already creating a successful competitive edge for their companies.  We’ll discuss their journey, professional strategies for success, and advice on creating a culture of inclusion – and how that drives profit for your company’s bottom line.


Tauhira Ali, Senior Manager of Construction Technology, Milwaukee Tool


         Randee Herrin, SVP of TDIndustries  – started a program to provide construction jobs to women from a local shelter

         Amanda Comunale, Director at Victaulic – started at SA Comunale and now drives technology for Victaulic

        Ken Midgett L.M.P., Plumbing & Heating Instructor, Lehigh Career & Technical Institute

        Students from the Lehigh Career & Technical Institute - more information to come


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Comunale Amanda
Organization: Victaulic Company of America

Amanda Comunale joined Victaulic as Director of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) in August 2014. In this role, Ms. Comunale is responsible for overseeing Victaulic’s global estimating, fabrication, BIM and construction technology initiatives that benefit and support Victaulic’s customers and its strategic growth objectives. Ms. Comunale’s career has spanned both the private and public sec

Herrin Randee
Organization: TDIndustries

Randee Herrin, Senior Vice President at TDIndustries, is responsible for the oversight of VDC and Manufacturing. Additionally, she is part of TD’s corporate senior leadership team and serves as co-leader of TD’s R&D program and as the captain of TD's innovation team where she works to create value for internal and external customers. Randee also has a passion for increasing diversity and incl

Hoossainy Tauhira
Organization: Milwaukee Tool

Tauhira Ali is a highly skilled product strategist with more than 14 years of R&D and product design experience. As Milwaukee Tool's Senior Manager of Construction Technology, she explores construction trends and emerging technologies to drive practical, user-focused solutions. Her early product development and roadmap strategy development has impacted physical and digital solutions across ever

Midgett L.M.P. Kenneth
Organization: Lehigh Career & Technical Insitute

Ken Midgett is a Licensed master plumber of 38 years, a former successful business owner for over twenty-two years of two plumbing heating and air-conditioning business and currently 11+ years as the Plumbing and Heating Instructor at Lehigh Career and Technical Institute and the Post-Secondary teacher for the Level II apprentice plumber program operated by the Allentown Master Plumbers Associati

Wehr Emily

Emily Wehr is currently at 3rd apprentice employed by her father’s company of 30 years in Whitehall PA. She graduated from Whitehall Coplay School district and went to work full time for her dad post-graduation. At a young age, she was exposed to the industry by working with her dad, liked the work and realized she could do plumbing and heating as a career. She is currently enrolled in the Allent

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