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Peak Financial Performance - New Jersey

October 24, 2019
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Sponsored by New Jersey PHCC
Power by Quality Service Contractors 
Instructed by QSC Business Success Coach Franc Exley

Purpose of the course is to show owners and key management personnel the importance of running the business with actual numbers in mind.  Key principles of budgeting are discussed, along with analyzing breakeven sales, profit and loss evaluation and tech performance boards.  The building blocks of add on sales and invoice coaching is taught so that everyone understands the why and the how of growing profits.  The class concludes with the 10 Commandments of Peak Financial Performance.

 Course Outline

1.       Defining Financial Prosperity

2.       Developing a Peak Performance Attitude

3.       Financial Prosperity Game Plan

4.       Numbers I Must Know and Manage to reach goals

5.       What is a Budget?

a.       Define the process

b.       Identify Key Performance Indicators that drive revenue

c.       Using a system to drive revenue on your budget

d.       Controlling expenses, identifying fixed and variable costs

6.       Sales Needed to breakeven and make a profit analysis

a.       Show QSC Cash Breakeven Tool and examples of how it works

b.       QSC P&L Evaluation Tool

7.       Flat Rate Pricing

a.       Are you priced correctly?

b.       Is your book made for the customer?

8.       Performance Boards

a.       Key Performance Indicators on the Board

b.       Analysis and related decisions that result

c.       Show Analysis Tool and why tracking is important

9.       Membership Plans

a.       Define the purpose

b.       How they benefit everyone

10.    Drain Maintenance Product Sales

a.       Purpose and how they are sold

11.    Coaching Invoices

a.       Discussion of why coaching invoices with techs leads to increased sales

12.    Safety Inspections

a.       Purpose of the safety inspection

b.       How to use it in the sales process

13.    The Ten Commandments of Financial Prosperity & Peak Performance


Refund Policy: Cancellations on or before Oct 15, will be charged a $50 cancellation fee. NO REFUNDS for cancellations after Oct 15. Attendee substitutions are always permitted at no charge.


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